My wife bought me tickets for the Wizards/Knicks game as a gift.  I got to enjoy the Wizards come back from a 27 point deficit in the first half to win the game.  Seeing the Knicks fans file out with dejected faces was itself worth the price of admission.  But even more exciting was watching the Wizards play with an "Everything Eats" approach as John Wall continued to sit out with an injury.  I took some video from my upper level seat, but this one play best exemplifies the Wizards' completely unselfish play from the game.  Nine passes in a single possession, leading to an in-rhythm corner three ... basketball doesn't get any more beautiful than this!  

2018 NBA Draft (June 21, 2018)

I made the trek this year to Brooklyn to watch the 2018 NBA Draft.  I had previously gone to the 2011 and 2012 NBA Drafts at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ, but this was my first time attending the draft at the Barclays Center.  I went for two reasons: to witness my Washington Wizards bungle the draft yet again (big surprise) and to see my fellow Dukies get welcomed into the NBA.  I started in the upper level, but after the middle of the first round, fans starting leaving so I made my way down to almost the front row.  Just in time to see Grayson Allen get drafted by the Utah Jazz!